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What We Leave Behind General Rated:Teens
The New Year is here. What will it bring?
Chapters:2 Words:2893 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 10, 2018
Serving Gondor Drama Rated:All
A widow from southern Lebennin has come to the White City after being dispossessed by her brother of her home and livelihood. Can she again find a place and purpose? Can she find justice?
Chapters:6 Words:37614 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:September 24, 2017
Reforging General Rated:All
This story, like "Old Accounts Coming Due," is related to my novel, Marpol the Builder. It takes place just before Chapter 10, "Wayfarer's Sword."
Chapters:1 Words:2767 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 26, 2017
Old Accounts Coming Due General Rated:All
A story spanning part of the Third Age, involving a Trust, a pair of Elves, two families, and many changes. The last part of this takes place just prior to Chapter 7, "A Sigil & a House," in my novel, Marpol the Builder.
Chapters:1 Words:6109 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 20, 2017
Coerced General Rated:All
A Shire lawyer finds himself in conversation with the deputy Mayor. In keeping with my own version of Frodo's duties during this time. (See The Ties of Family and The Acceptable Sacrifice.
Chapters:1 Words:1541 Reviews:0
Updated:April 13, 2016
Forgiven General Rated:All
Before he left Middle Earth, Frodo Baggins had one hurt left he wished to see healed, so he summoned the Thain and his Lady to Bag End for one final dinner.
Chapters:1 Words:2396 Reviews:0
Updated:January 19, 2016
Points of Light General Rated:All
My winter solstice offering for 2015. For Baranduin for her birthday, and on a prompt given me by Tallis. It's not precisely as you'd suggested, my friend, but I hope it still gives you pleasure!
Chapters:4 Words:3021 Reviews:0
Updated:December 25, 2015
The Mūmak General Rated:All
The children of King Elessar are about to witness an exciting event.
Chapters:1 Words:863 Reviews:0
Updated:November 13, 2015
A Founding Member General Rated:All
Otis Tunnely's sister had done him wrong, and he now had the chance to set the matter right, in his own eyes, at least. For Mews, Shelley, and GamgeeFest for their birthdays.
Chapters:2 Words:7182 Reviews:0
Updated:October 15, 2015
The Gothwyn Alliance  General Rated:All
At the feast celebrating Elessar and Arwen's wedding, Eowyn has an important conversation...
Chapters:1 Words:3661 Reviews:0
Updated:July 28, 2015
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New and Updated Serials
Tree and Stone General Rated:Teens Serial
Middle-Earth belongs to JRR Tolkien; he just didn't write enough about it!

There was another Dwarf in Gondor during the waning days of the Ring War, and he was the only one of his Kindred in the White City during the siege, where he met a woman whose roots were in Ithilien.
Chapters:40 Words:195346 Reviews:6  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 3, 2018
From Wilderness to Cities White General Rated:Teens Serial
A new collection of stories involving the Fellowship and the world they knew.
Chapters:62 Words:98557 Reviews:9  Read Latest Review
Updated:January 20, 2018
Marpol the Builder General Rated:All Serial
Arnor and Gondor--two long-sundered realms. What do you do first in bringing them together so they can truly be called the Reunited Realm?
Chapters:30 Words:156122 Reviews:9  Read Latest Review
Updated:January 15, 2018
Between Green Door and Gold Ring General Rated:Teens Serial
To be a repository of Bilbo-centered stories set in the years before Frodo came to Hobbiton to become the heir to the Master of Bag End.
Chapters:26 Words:31090 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 9, 2016
Another Moment of Your Time General Rated:Teens Serial
A second collection for my Frodo-centric stories.
Chapters:83 Words:170627 Reviews:0
Updated:July 9, 2016
Not Gonna Happens General Rated:All Serial
JRRT meets Jasper Fforde? A series of short stories I suppose we can be glad never happened.
Chapters:19 Words:37449 Reviews:0
Updated:July 6, 2016
The Last Temptation (Rewritten) General Rated:Teens Serial
Heavily re-written, again. Thanks to all who have read, and I apologize for changing things on you! The style and plot elements have evolved some, hopefully for the better, and I am posting all the changes.

[Original summary:

This story first appeared in The Silmarillion Writer's Guild's Akallabeth in August. I am finally revising it and adding it to the archive.

Summary, from SWG:
Sauron has been taken prisoner by Pharazōn but nurtures an ever-growing influence. In the midst of a N
Chapters:6 Words:53011 Reviews:0
Updated:June 20, 2016
Stories of Strider General Rated:All Serial
Author:Linda Hoyland
A collection of ficlets originally posted on the AA list now extended and polished.

A companion series to Tales of Telcontar focussing on Aragorn's adventures before he became king.

Two of these ficlets are co-authored with Raksha the Demon

A mixture of angst,fluff,humour and drama.

Further characters and catagories will be added together with the stories
Chapters:58 Words:97536 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:December 31, 2015
Tales of Telcontar General Rated:All Serial
Author:Linda Hoyland
A collection of ficlets mostly written for the AA list weekly challenges, now extended and polished.

A mixture of angst,fluff,humour and drama.

Further characters will be added together with the stories

With thanks to Raksha for her editorial work, Deandra for suggesting the title and Michelle for the prompts that inspired these stories.

New - Sailing Stormy Waters
Chapters:146 Words:243362 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:December 23, 2015
In Empty Lands Action Rated:Teens Serial
To reflect the experiences of the Fellowship, mostly as seen through the eyes of Boromir, son of Denethor. Title taken from the lament sung by Aragorn and Legolas as Boromir's funeral boat is committed to Rauros Falls and the river.
Chapters:32 Words:110685 Reviews:8  Read Latest Review
Updated:November 4, 2015
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