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A list of my stories,where to find them and my originial characters.
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  Original characters in my stories
  By:Linda Hoyland  October, 26 2006
Original Characters in my Stories

Guide to my original characters, new characters will be added as they appear in my stories.

Aedred – A Rohirric Healer who now works alonside Tarostar in the Houses of Healing.

Agond - A former soldier,now a drunkard

Alis – Estranged wife to Mahrod

Bereth – Sister to Damrod

Calardan – Husband to Hanna’s late sister

Dame Enye - A midwife

Doreth- Arwen’s housekeeper

Elbeth – Young daughter of Hanna

Elestelle - Faramir and Eowyn's daughter

Fennas – Brother to Hanna

Fontos – Lord of Lossarnach, son of the late Forlong.

Fosco – Lord of Lamedon, son of the Lord mentioned in LOTR

Gudrun – An elderly widow born in Rohan, now owner of a smallholding and orchard near to Minas Tirith

Hanna – A kitchen maid, daughter of the Porter at the Rath Dinen, who was killed by Beregond

Meneldil – Lord of Lebennin

Lady Meril – One of Arwen’s ladies in waiting

Lady Morwen – One of Arwen’s ladies in waiting

Laerwen - One of Eldarion's nursery maids

Lamrung – A former prison warder, now a member of the Citadel Guard.

Mahrod – A former Ithilien Ranger, now a prison warder

Tarostar – Chief Warden of the Houses of Healing, son of Denethor’s late sister.

Zana – Mother of Hanna and Fennas, grandmother to Elbeth, widow of the late porter.
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  A List of my Stories
  By:Linda Hoyland  October, 26 2006
My LOTR Stories are intended as a series, in which the characters remember and refer to events in previous stories .Although each can be read on its own,their chronological order is

The Slave of the Ring

The One (Co written with Raksha)

First Meeting

Facing the Darkness

The Hidden Days of Healing

A New Beginning

The White Tree - MPA AWards 2nd place

Shadow and Thought (WIP)

Burden of Guilt - Mithril awards semi finalist

Web of Treason (WIP on this site) - MC Awards winner - Best Aragorn Angst

A Time to Reap (Not yet posted here)

At the Rising of the Moon - MC Awards - Best overall comedy - winner

His Father's Son (Not yet posted here)
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