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Altariel's Journal
All shall love me and despair
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  By:Altariel  July, 6 2011
I have created MOBI and EPUB versions of two of my stories, A Game of Chess and Withered Tree. Download from Megaupload.

I hope these files work and that you enjoy the stories in their new format! Let me know what you think and whether there are other stories that you would like in e-book format.

A Game of Chess e-book
MOBI format:
EPUB format:

Withered Tree e-book
MOBI format:
EPUB format:
Last Comment: August, 25 2011 10:55 GMT
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  Withered Tree
  By:Altariel  September, 8 2010
Eight years in the making. Hope you enjoy it!
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  Best Loved Sons Wiki
  By:Altariel  June, 9 2010
I have started a Wiki for the Unabeauverse. You can see it here. The idea is to build a little encyclopaedia of all the characters, places, and everything elses that appear in the stories by me, Isabeau, Dwim and Soledad.

But I need help! It would be brilliant if you came and jumped into the sandbox and helped build a few castles.
Last Comment: October, 9 2011 06:27 GMT
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  The Turn of the Tide
  By:Altariel  November, 27 2006
The Turn of the Tide is a short AU which takes as its premise the idea that Faramir went north instead of Boromir. Its focus is on …owyn in the Houses of Healing, but in various discussions, people have wondered about other aspects of this AU setting.

Raksha, on my LiveJournal, had some wonderful thoughts about the journey to Mordor (which, in this setting, involves Frodo, Sam, Gollum, and Faramir).

The original request, from Makamu, offered me bonus points if I could get one or both of Boromir or Denethor to interact with Aragorn... sadly, I didn't quite manage this.

I would love to see more stories in this setting, but I'm unlikely to manage them myself! So this post is to invite ideas and - better still - to invite stories!

ETA: some suggestions here.
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  Grey Pilgrim, White Rider
  By:Altariel  February, 28 2006
Stories from Gandalf's perspective: Possessions, The King's Shilling, Moss and Stone
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  Games of Chess
  By:Altariel  February, 28 2006
Although I'm rubbish at chess, it does provide a good backbone for a story. Who else should be playing Faramir?
Last Comment: August, 28 2008 06:47 GMT
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  Raven and Golden
  By:Altariel  February, 28 2006
A place to discuss my stories about Faramir and Eowyn, including my somewhat unexpected novel A Game of Chess and its spin-offs, or stories set in the House of Healing.
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  The House of Mardil
  By:Altariel  February, 28 2006
A place to discuss my various stories about the equally various Stewards of Gondor and their very various heirs!
Last Comment: October, 22 2008 08:02 GMT
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  Unreal City
  By:Altariel  February, 28 2006
A place to discuss my three linked stories: Death by Water, What the Thunder Said, and The Fire Sermon
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  Journal entry topics?
  By:Altariel  February, 23 2006
To help with making the journals page more discussion friendly: any topics/stories people would like me to create entries for?
Last Comment: February, 24 2006 06:07 GMT
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