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Pen Name:Linda Hoyland
Name:Linda Hoyland
Joined:July 23, 2005
I am English and have enjoyed writing since childhood. I have been writing Tolkien fanfiction for three years.I first read the books over twenty years ago.

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Web of Treason
Drama Rated:Adult
Rebel lords plot to bring about the downfall of the monarchy,leaving Gondor's future in the hands of a grief stricken Faramir, who finds himself caught in an increasingly complex and evil plot.


MC Award winner - Best Aragorn angst.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:64 Words:134647 Reviews: 3
First Meeting
General Rated:All
Faramir lies near death in the Houses of Healing when Gandalf overhears Ioreth saying "The Hands of the King are the Hands of a Healer"
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:2 Words:4632 Reviews: 1
Facing the Darkness
General Rated:Teens
Aragorn visits Faramir and Merry in the Houses of Healing before riding out for what may be gis last battle.

The second in a series of stories mainly featuring Aragorn and Faramir, which can be read alone but should be enjoyed more if viewed as part of one long story.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:8402 Reviews: 1
The Hidden Days of Healing
General Rated:Teens
After the Ring is destroyed, Aragorn attempts to heal the injured Hobbits but will there be a dreadful price to pay ?
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:9 Words:25554 Reviews: 5
A New Beginning
General Rated:All
On the day of the coronation,Faramir prepares to surrender the White Rod but Aragorn has other ideas.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:3 Words:5345 Reviews: 1
The White Tree
General Rated:All
A few weeks after his coronation, Aragorn fears that the wedded bliss he longs for will never be his. But the sign that heralds the fulfillment of his desire could also destroy Aragorn's still fragile bond with his Steward.

MEFA Awards winner

Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:3 Words:5998 Reviews: 2
Shadow and Thought
Drama Rated:Adult
Despite being happily married to Arwen and King of Gondor, Aragorn is lonely and despondent at Faramir's shyness and Eowyn's obvious and perplexing hatred. Determined to get to know them better,he invites them to a remote hunting lodge, oblivious of the dangers awaiting which could cost him his life.

Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:21 Words:55459 Reviews: 1
Burden of Guilt
Drama Rated:Adult
A violent and tragic misunderstanding with Eomer threatens Aragorn and Faramir's friendship and the Steward's very life.<br><br>Meanwhile Arwen prepares to give birth and Aragorn is faced with the loss of all whom he loves
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:62 Words:113508 Reviews: 1
At the Rising of the Moon
Humor Rated:All
Eowyn is horrified to discover that there is no mistletoe for the Yule celebrations and sends Aragorn and Faramir to obtain some from an eccentric old woman,who is unwilling to part with it, unless certain conditions are met.

MEFA Awards 2nd Place winner
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:6 Words:10525 Reviews: 2
The One
General Rated:All
A strange and fateful dream haunts Aragorn. Will he ever see it come true?'

Co-written with Raksha the Demon.

Should be considered a slightly AU one-shot, not connected with either author's other stories.
With thanks to Branwyn for beta-ing.

MEFA Awards 3rd place winner
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:570 Reviews: 1
General Serial Rated:All
Summary: A series of drabbles, published first on LJ,featuring moments from the lives of Aragorn,Arwen,Boromir, Elrond, Éomer, Éowyn,Faramir and Théoden.Aragorn features in most of them to some degree.Published in chronological order.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:10 Words:1072 Reviews: 3
Further Impressions
General Serial Rated:All
Further drabbles and ficlets which will be added to if and when The Muse inspires me.

They will most likely include at least a mention of Aragorn.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:17 Words:2730 Reviews: 0
Comes the moment to decide
Drama Rated:Teens
During March 3019, many choices were made,some with tragic consequences.What led Faramir,Denethor and Aragorn to act as they did?
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:5972 Reviews: 0
Tales of Telcontar
General Serial Rated:All
A collection of ficlets mostly written for the AA list weekly challenges, now extended and polished.

A mixture of angst,fluff,humour and drama.

Further characters will be added together with the stories

With thanks to Raksha for her editorial work, Deandra for suggesting the title and Michelle for the prompts that inspired these stories.

New - Sailing Stormy Waters
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:146 Words:243362 Reviews: 2
The Spirit of Gondor
Humor Rated:All
A ghost story followed by an embarassing predicament has unexpected
consequences for Faramir and his family and King.A story for Halloween.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:4 Words:6186 Reviews: 3
Mask of Virtue
Drama Serial Rated:Teens
A dangerous criminal on the loose in Minas Tirith causes problems for Aragorn.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:10872 Reviews: 3
Star of Hope
Romance Rated:Teens
Gilraen recalls a special night when she wished upon a star. Written
in honour of Aragorn's birthday.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:2 Words:2498 Reviews: 0
Stories of Strider
General Serial Rated:All
A collection of ficlets originally posted on the AA list now extended and polished.

A companion series to Tales of Telcontar focussing on Aragorn's adventures before he became king.

Two of these ficlets are co-authored with Raksha the Demon

A mixture of angst,fluff,humour and drama.

Further characters and catagories will be added together with the stories
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:58 Words:97536 Reviews: 2
A Taste of Honey
General Rated:All
Eldarion’s love of honey cakes has disastrous consequences.
Written for the Teitho contest- 3rd placed
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2016 Reviews: 0
Dies Irae
Drama Serial Rated:Teens
A chance encounter with a stranger leaves Aragorn doomed to die within twenty four hours
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:8391 Reviews: 0
A Time to Reap
Drama Rated:Teens
As Faramir and Aragorn struggle to cope with the scars left by their ordeal, their wives take action to try to reconcile King and Steward. No one suspects what lies in store.
MEFA 2009 Winner.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:32 Words:90158 Reviews: 0
Healing the Healer
General Rated:All
Summary: Even the greatest healers sometimes succumb to illness themselves. A
story featuring Aragorn,Arwen and Faramir. Teitho "Healing" Challenge - Joint
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:4 Words:6900 Reviews: 1
Alphabet of Arda
General Serial Rated:All
A series of drabbles and ficlets written for the "There and Back" Alaphabet challenge.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:27 Words:4852 Reviews: 0
A Night of Storms
Drama Rated:Teens
Two travellers take shelter from a storm in a remote inn, but nothing is quite as it seems.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2274 Reviews: 2
Coastal Tales
General Serial Rated:All
Rumours of unrest in the coastal regions prompt Aragorn and Faramir to undertake a visit where a series of unexpected adventures await them.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:9 Words:10385 Reviews: 0
Hues of Middle-earth
Drabble Rated:All
A Rainbow of Drabbles. With thanks to Raksha for editoral assistance and Wormwood for the title. Featuring Aragorn,Arwen, Faramir,Eowyn, and Eldarion.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:864 Reviews: 0
High Days and Holidays
General Serial Rated:All
A collection of ficlets and drabbles to mark special days both in our
world and Tolkien's.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:3 Words:1011 Reviews: 0
The Old that is Strong
General Rated:Teens
Watching over the dying Faramir, Ioreth is shocked when Gandalf
brings a stranger to tend him. A story for March 15th.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:2 Words:4854 Reviews: 0
Carefully Taught
Drama Rated:Teens
An unexpected visitor to Gondor threatens much of what Aragorn and Faramir hold dear.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:22 Words:48716 Reviews: 1
Tongues of Men and Angels
General Rated:Teens
Attempts to forge better relations with Harad cause problems for Aragorn and Faramir.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:5609 Reviews: 0
The Healer's Journey
General Rated:Teens
Summary: Is a great healer like Aragorn born or made? Winner - Teitho contest
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:4 Words:7241 Reviews: 0
The Good Earth
General Rated:All
A series of drabbles written for "Tolkien Weekly"
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:748 Reviews: 0
Where no Birds Sing
General Rated:Teens
When Roheryn goes lame, Aragorn and Faramir are stranded in a storm
and forced to seek shelter. A story for Halloween.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:3090 Reviews: 0
Kingdom of Ashes
Tragedy Rated:Teens
From the moment he first beheld him, Thorongil was a thorn in Denethor's side.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:3 Words:6699 Reviews: 0
Shadows of Memory
General Serial Rated:Teens
Injured and believing himself in great danger, Aragorn seeks to flee
for his life. Escape, however proves impossible.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:9129 Reviews: 0
Middle-earth Moments
General Rated:All
A selection of drabbles and ficlets featuring a variety of characters. Written for the 2009 Back to Middle-earth challenge.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:3 Words:5296 Reviews: 0
Rivendell Reflections
General Serial Rated:Teens
A series of stories concerning Aragorn's childhood.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:8 Words:9307 Reviews: 0
The Seven Deadly Sins
Drabble Rated:All
A series of drabbles written for the "Tolkien Weekly" "Sins" Challenge.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1039 Reviews: 0
Crowning Glory
General Rated:Teens
A series of drabbles written for the "Tolkien Weekly" "Hairdressing" challenge.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1057 Reviews: 0
General Rated:All
A series of drabbles and ficlets written for the LOTR GFIC Challenge Group.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:8 Words:5306 Reviews: 0
Drama Serial Rated:Teens
When a wild beast invades Ithilien, Aragorn tries to help Faramir and
Éowyn with disastrous consequences.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:4 Words:8877 Reviews: 0
Return to Middle-earth
General Rated:Teens
A series of drabbles and ficlets written for Back to Middle-earth Month 2011.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:18 Words:4387 Reviews: 0
The Reluctant Bride
General Rated:Teens
Summary: Lady Adiva of Harad recalls the longest day of her life while
relaxing with Arwen and Éowyn. Dedicated to Ellynn and all my friends who
desired to see the ladies relaxing together.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:3376 Reviews: 0
Summer Sports
General Rated:All
A series of drabbles written for the "Tolkien Weekly" "Summer Sports" Challenge.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:975 Reviews: 0
The Sword in the Tree
Drama Serial Rated:Teens
Aragorn receives an invitation to visit Rohan which leads to a new
adventure for the King and his Steward. Events in this story take place
soon after "A Time to Reap."
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:9 Words:23362 Reviews: 0
Seed of Hope
General Rated:All
Gilraen is inspired by the great deeds of her ancestors.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2126 Reviews: 0
Glimpses of Middle-earth
General Serial Rated:All
A selection of very diverse drabbles and short pieces written for the
2012 BTME challenge.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:4 Words:5808 Reviews: 0

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