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Pen Name:Altariel
Name:Una McCormack
Joined:June 2, 2004

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At Sea
Romance Rated:All
Denethor poses an important question - at sea.

Mithril Awards, 2004
Runner-up: Voter's Choice
Best romance/erotica (het)

Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1000 Reviews: 1
The Sickle of the Valar
General Rated:All
Denethor listens to a lesson about the stars.

Mithril Awards, 2004:
Semi-finalist - Best story focusing on Men
Finalist - Best vignette or short story

Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:647 Reviews: 0
Drama Rated:Teens
How to win friends and influence people. Faramir and the Ithilien Rangers.

Mithril Awards, 2004:
Finalist - Best drama

Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:4 Words:5166 Reviews: 4
Spirits of the House
Drama Rated:All
The old year ends, Boromir has not returned, and Denethor contemplates mortality.

Mithril Awards, 2004
Runner-up: Best crossover or AU
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:6955 Reviews: 3
Flame of the West
General Rated:All
In the Houses of Healing, a steward and a king.

Mithril Awards, 2004:
Semi-finalist - Best characterization (Tolkien)

Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1416 Reviews: 5
Fair Game
Action Rated:All
In which people go bird-watching and find their courage. Set a little while after the events of A Game of Chess.

Mithril Awards, 2004:
Semi-finalist - Best action/adventure
Semi-finalist - Best characterization (original)

Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:8384 Reviews: 4
The Machine That Changed the World
General Rated:All
Hidden in a cellar in Minas Tirith, a new invention is about to make its mark upon the world...
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2682 Reviews: 3
Flowers of the Forest
General Rated:All
Reflections on the war to end all wars.

Audio version of this story available here.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:486 Reviews: 1
Ring of Water
Romance Rated:Teens
Throughout the ages of her exile, Galadriel remembers her lost love.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:509 Reviews: 0
He Who Laughs
General Rated:All
Could Túrin ever be happy?
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:223 Reviews: 1
Moss and Stone
General Rated:All
A final parting near the Old Forest. Gandalf leaves his charges behind in safe hands.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:648 Reviews: 1
Through A Glass
Romance Rated:All
Faramir's answer to the challenge question: Éowyn, heroine or deserter?
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1215 Reviews: 3
General Rated:All
In the vaults of the library in Minas Tirith, Gandalf makes a new friend.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1623 Reviews: 0
The King's Shilling
General Rated:All
A sequel to 'Possessions'. A final parting near Edoras.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:919 Reviews: 1
Five Things That Never Happened to Faramir and Éowyn
General Rated:All
Five things that never happened to Faramir and Éowyn; a drabble series.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:504 Reviews: 5
Poetry Rated:All
The Ainulindalë drabbled.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:110 Reviews: 2
Gloria Mundi
General Rated:All
A series of drabbles, in response to Dwimordene's series 'Civitas Mundi'.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:526 Reviews: 0
A Pale Light Lingering
General Rated:All
The old year ends, and Faramir makes the journey from Minas Tirith to Ithilien.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2433 Reviews: 1
In Passing
General Rated:All
"Then let us cross the River and in happier days let us dwell in fair Ithilien and there make a garden..."

An audio version of this story can be downloaded from here.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1205 Reviews: 4
A Kind of Valediction
General Rated:All
Ten years after the pyre. A Minas Tirith ghost story.

An audio version of this story can be downloaded from here.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:3 Words:5311 Reviews: 3
The Lost
General Rated:All
A sequel to Isabeau's story "Noble Jewel": Faramir comes face to face with Brand.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:8320 Reviews: 11
Lady of Silences
Tragedy Rated:All
Finduilas, Faramir, Boromir, Denethor: a very bleak vignette.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1329 Reviews: 1
The Permanent Stars
General Rated:All
A short piece about starlight and dreams, written for a Mother's Day challenge.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:624 Reviews: 0
General Rated:Teens
Faramir's perspective on the events of Isabeau's story Discovery.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:3174 Reviews: 0
In Memoriam
General Rated:All
Faramir, ten years after Boromir's death (following on from Dwimordene's story In Extremis, Isabeau's story Discovery and my Disclosure).
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2003 Reviews: 0
The Key
General Rated:All
Denethor seeks knowledge of Faramir, but a key alone cannot unlock it. Based on Dwimordene's story That Which Remains Us.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:642 Reviews: 0
Fear of Flying
Romance Rated:All
A moment in the Houses of Healing; written in response to a challenge to write about a Middle-earth superstition.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:407 Reviews: 0
General Rated:All
Remembering the Pelennor; Faramir and Eowyn.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:364 Reviews: 1
In A Stone City
Romance Rated:All
For Dwimordene, a spin-off from A Game of Chess, set just after Faramir's trip to Edoras (chapter 15), and with flashbacks to earlier in that story.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2646 Reviews: 0
General Rated:All
It's about a dinner party. Read chapter 12 of Captain My Captain and Motherless by Isabeau, and then you have some hope of this making sense!

Adrift Again: A week later.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:2 Words:7899 Reviews: 0
Late Fragment
General Rated:All
For Isabeau; who, for her birthday, asked for a story about Faramir and Hethlin.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2016 Reviews: 1
The King is Dead
General Rated:All
Denethor teaches a young Faramir the game of chess.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1361 Reviews: 0
Black Captain
General Rated:All
Office politics in Minas Tirith.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:780 Reviews: 0
General Rated:All
Collected drabbles.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:18 Words:1862 Reviews: 8
The Eagle and the Swan
General Rated:All
Two linked vignettes: Faramir and Boromir learn about the stars.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:2 Words:3338 Reviews: 0
The Fire Sermon
Romance Rated:All
Faramir and Eowyn in the Houses of Healing. A sequel to What the Thunder Said.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:5 Words:8008 Reviews: 1
What the Thunder Said
General Rated:All
Faramir's thoughts during the defence of Minas Tirith. A sequel to Death by Water.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:3 Words:3320 Reviews: 1
Death by Water
General Rated:All
Faramir and Denethor await news of Boromir, and Faramir dreams of water.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:4 Words:5789 Reviews: 1
The Burial of the Dead
General Rated:All
Denethor remembers the dead and the dying - Boromir, Faramir, and Finduilas.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1498 Reviews: 0
Red River
General Rated:All
Faramir and Aragorn in a short fable of globalization.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1748 Reviews: 7
The Turn of the Tide
General Rated:All
Éowyn in the Houses of Healing. A short AU.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2562 Reviews: 5
In the Waiting
General Rated:All
"F like... a fearful Faramir." Written for the B2MEM alphabet challenge at the LJ community there_n_back.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:562 Reviews: 1
Journey's End
General Rated:All
Inns, beer, and folk songs.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1717 Reviews: 15
Horses and Verses
General Rated:All
After Theoden's funeral, Eomer and Faramir have a little chat.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:7068 Reviews: 2
Wizards' Pupils
General Rated:All
On teaching, tutors, and the importance of honest debate.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:4906 Reviews: 8
Withered Tree
General Rated:All
A penny for the Old Guy...

An e-book of this story is available (.mobi and .epub formats). See here.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:10 Words:16426 Reviews: 4
A woman's history of the world
General Rated:All
In nine drabbles.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:943 Reviews: 3
Foundered Land
General Rated:All
In the dark times, will we be singing?
Yes, we'll be singing of the dark times.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:949 Reviews: 0
Five Things that Faramir Never Said to Andrahar
General Rated:All
Sometimes words are hard to find.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:546 Reviews: 3
The Use of Memory
General Rated:All
Memory is not what the heart desires. Faramir and Arwen.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:607 Reviews: 4
Mothers' Night
General Rated:All
Faramir and Eowyn in Ithilien, weaving new traditions from old.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1241 Reviews: 3
The Case of the Silver Letters
General Rated:All
If you have ever longed to read a Holmes pastiche set in Ithilien after the Ring War - you can now.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:11452 Reviews: 1
General Rated:All
Some drabbles from Ithilien, on the theme of bequests.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:431 Reviews: 5
General Rated:All
Finduilas is made of air. A tiny ghost story.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:104 Reviews: 1
Garden of Gondor
General Rated:All
A place to collect drabbles and other pieces from the Fourth Age, involving the Prince of Ithilien and his family.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:10 Words:1092 Reviews: 1
By Sad Waters We Sat Down and Wept
General Rated:All
“And the slaves of Mordor he released and gave to them all the lands about Lake Núrnen to be their own.” The King of Gondor receives an ambassador. For Dwimordene.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:819 Reviews: 2
Five Moves that Denethor and Faramir Never Made
General Rated:All
A drabble series.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:525 Reviews: 1
Love Among the Ruins
General Rated:All
Meanwhile, in the Houses of Healing...
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1492 Reviews: 3
Old Soldiers
General Rated:All
Chess, cousins, and children. Amrothos and Faramir play a game or two.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:3287 Reviews: 1
B2MeM 2012 (Mostly) Drabbles
General Rated:All
Drabbles written for the B2MeM Bingo Challenge.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:43 Words:4412 Reviews: 0
Come athelas
General Rated:All
The new captain made little impression.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:106 Reviews: 2
General Rated:All
A palantír in the family.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:322 Reviews: 1
What We Leave Behind
General Rated:Teens
The New Year is here. What will it bring?
Updated:July 10, 2018 Chapters:2 Words:2893 Reviews: 1

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