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How To Join Henneth Annûn
To be a member of Tolkien Fan Fiction, you have to be a member of the Yahoo discussion group Henneth Annûn. Joining Henneth Annûn is easy. First you have to be a member of Yahoo.

If you are a member of Yahoo already, skip to the part titled, "Join Henneth Annûn".

Join Yahoo:

1) Go to Yahoo

2) At the top of the right hand column is a link marked Sign In. Click it.

3) On the left side of the Yahoo sign in page is a link marked Sign up now. Click here.

4) Fill in the data and join.

Yahoo has a few zillion members, which means all the best names are taken, so don't even try member ids like Frodo or MarySue. You will have to be Frodo389 or MarySue621. Don't worry, at Tolkien Fan Fiction we have a few hundred members, so most names are still available.

Join Henneth Annûn:

1) Go to the Henneth Annûn front page.

2) Near the top is a blue button marked "Join This Group!".

3) Follow the instructions, and join.

4) We are a volunteer group, so it may take a while to process your application. Typical approve times are under an hour, but it can take as long as a day in some cases.

Henneth Annûn is a very active group. We create about 20,000 messages a year, an average of 55 per day. On a busy day, we can create several hundred. Consider this before you decide which message delivery option to select. If you want to be up to date, and don't mind a lot of e-mail, select Individual E-mail. If you want the day's messages in a single e-mail, select Daily Digest. However these are long, and take a while to read. You can choose to read the messages off the web site. To receive no e-mail, select Special Notices, or No E-mail. We would prefer Special Notices over No E-mail, so we can notify all the members in case of some important event. We have never done this since the group was founded in the spring of 2002, but we would like to keep this channel open to as many members as possible, in case it is ever needed.

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