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The Seven Deadly Sins Drabble Rated:All
Author:Linda Hoyland
A series of drabbles written for the "Tolkien Weekly" "Sins" Challenge.
Chapters:1 Words:1039 Reviews:0
Updated:June 27, 2011
Light from the West General Rated:Teens Serial
A companion-piece to "Bear Me Away!" and "Anemone". In "Bear Me Away!", Frodo speaks of writing letters to Sam and reading them to him by the light of his star-glass. Here are excerpts from those letters.

Chapters:79 Words:239257 Reviews:0
Updated:June 26, 2011
Casualties of War Drama Rated:Adults Graphic
A chance encounter in the twilit streets of Minas Tirith gets a certain tower guard lucky – and thinking…
Chapters:3 Words:15617 Reviews:0
Updated:June 24, 2011
After a Lifetime Drama Rated:Adults Graphic
WIP. When it all began, you simply took a blind dive into the unknown. But would have you offered your love to the one you worship, had you known the price he would have to pay for loving you back? Would you trust yourself to know between right and wrong? If you could see the hopeless end of your journey, would you still take the road? And when all was over, would you be blind to see a new road lying at your feet? Would you dare follow it? Would you, Faramir?
Chapters:7 Words:42558 Reviews:0
Updated:June 24, 2011
The Gifts in Small Packages Romance Rated:Adult
WIP. Pippin will never speak of it. And then he does.
Chapters:4 Words:4155 Reviews:0
Updated:June 24, 2011
Hungry Eyes and a Blade of Steel Erotica Rated:Adults Graphic
Summary: Returning home unexpected on a rainy night, Éowyn gets an eyeful of the one thing she would have never imagined. Jealousy, hurt, curiosity or lust—which will have a top say in her?

Written for the 6th Anniversary Challenge: Éowyn by iris.
Original challenge can be seen here:

Warnings: slash and het content, very explicit action, some obscene talk.
Disclaimer: Not mine (although I’m not entirely
Chapters:7 Words:15482 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 24, 2011
Bilbo and the Fell Beasts General Rated:All Serial
Six true drabbles, focused on Bilbo, written for the LiveJournal tolkien_weekly "Fell Beasts" prompts.
Chapters:6 Words:648 Reviews:0
Updated:June 21, 2011
B2MEM 2011 fics Drabble Rated:Teens Serial
Drabbles for B2MEM 2011, however many there end up being. Latest posts: Day 26 - frustration of creativity - Man's measure; Day 30 - leaving/returning home - Havenless; Day 29 - light overcomes darkness - Life from stone
Chapters:28 Words:3156 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 21, 2011
Places in the Heart General Rated:All
A new map of Middle-earth inspires new possibilities in a world free of Shadow, and track different visions in the hearts of the Steward and the King. Complete.
Chapters:1 Words:1349 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 21, 2011
Touch of a Vanished Hand Drama Rated:Teens
When Elendil and his group of Númenóreans wash up on Lindon's shores, Elrond's past comes back to haunt him.

First place winner: 2010 MEFAs in Times: Second and Early Third Age
Chapters:1 Words:8508 Reviews:0
Updated:June 15, 2011
Love is a Dance General Rated:Teens
One-shot. A scene in which Eomer begins to notice Lothiriel. Set in Eomer's perspective; his wants and desires. Book-verse. POST-WOTR.
Chapters:1 Words:1000 Reviews:0
Updated:June 10, 2011
The Potter's Wheel Action Rated:Teens Serial
Drabbles written for the LiveJournal tolkien_weekly "Potter's Wheel" challenge. Snapshots of battle and its aftermath during the War of the Ring.
Chapters:5 Words:524 Reviews:0
Updated:June 10, 2011
Season of Gifts Drabble Rated:All Serial
Drabbles written for the LiveJournal tolkien_weekly "Season of Gifts" challenge.
Chapters:5 Words:516 Reviews:0
Updated:June 10, 2011
Assorted Drabbles General Rated:All Serial
Various drabbles (pieces of 100 words exactly, titles excluded)- mostly written for birthdays or challenges either over at the Henneth-Annun Story Archive (HASA) or the tolkienweekly community at LiveJournal...
Chapters:27 Words:3029 Reviews:6  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 10, 2011
Memoirs of a Princess General Rated:Teens
Part 1: House of Swans Series. A story of the life Finduilas experienced in Minas Tirith during her marriage to Lord Denethor. Her fears, her dreams and those she loved. A woman truly caged. Set in Finduilas' Point of View. BOOK-VERSE/PRE-WOTR
Chapters:34 Words:74651 Reviews:0
Updated:June 9, 2011
Pelargir General Rated:Teens
In the tradition of 'we have met the enemy, and they are us', as the Corsairs sail ever nearer, Pelargir struggles not to implode before ever they arrive. Drabble series written using prompts from Tolkien_Weekly as a kind of Advent Calendar. Complete!
Chapters:30 Words:4323 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 9, 2011
'Neath Anor, Ithil, and Gil General Rated:All Serial
A second collection of short stories that will occur from time to time. Now full.
Chapters:101 Words:152268 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 7, 2011
Fighting Dragons Drama Rated:Teens
Drabble pairs in which Samwise Gamgee ponders the dangerous beasts he learns of from Mr. Bilbo's stories, both pre-quest and after he's actually encountered them. Inspired by the Tolkien Weekly "Fell Beasts" challenges. Beta by RiverOtter.
Chapters:7 Words:1480 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 7, 2011
The Space Where Morning and Twilight Meet General Rated:All
Written in response to the "Overcoming Prejudice" prompt from B2MeM 2011. Celeborn and Artanis, and an age-long prejudice.
Chapters:1 Words:2175 Reviews:0
Updated:May 31, 2011
Missing the Forest for the Trees General Rated:All
Written for the "Dangers of Isolation" prompt during B2MeM 2011.
Chapters:1 Words:625 Reviews:0
Updated:May 31, 2011
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