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In Aragorn's Safekeeping Drama Rated:Teens Serial
Rebecca and Thomas, two teenagers from the 1950s, end up in Middle-earth and become wards of Aragorn. It truly is canon friendly and follows the books closely but also fills in some gaps. Some romance, but not a Legomance.

2006 MEFAs: Honorable Mention - Genres: Drama, General

New: Chapter 35 - Homecoming - Part two

This story is now complete!
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Updated:June 18, 2018
King's Man Drama Rated:All
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
Aragorn and Halbarad before the Paths of the Dead. A short vignette exploring the relationship of king and king's man.

Chapters:1 Words:984 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
Another Man's Cage General Rated:Adult
In an ordinary year in the life of Feanor's young family, motivations are revealed and events set in motion that explain their later history. Complete. A new chapter will be posted weekly by Friday morning.
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Updated:June 18, 2018
No Man's Child Drama Rated:Teens Serial
What happens when you turn your back on fate, when the intellect of the mind overrides the intuition of the heart? When hope withers in the winter of approaching night, is it an act of courage or cowardice to foreswear the word you had given in its spring? When do you lay aside the dreams for the self in the service of the needs of others?

'Then bitter will my days be, and I will walk in the wild alone," said Aragorn.' – LOTR: Appendix A

Book-verse based AU

New: Chapter 45
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Updated:June 18, 2018
The Falcon and the Star General Rated:All
It is March 15, 3019. After the longest week in his life, Aragorn is called by Gandalf on an errand of mercy. One weary warrior meets another in the Houses of Healing and other, farther places; and their lives will never be the same. Most of the story (but not all) from Aragorn's POV. Some dialogue unavoidably quoted and paraphrased from Return of the King. Bookverse.

First Place, 2006 MEFA Awards, Times: The Great Years: Gondor
Chapters:5 Words:12660 Reviews:10  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
Fire and Flowering General Rated:Adult
A series of standalone fixed-length bookverse ficlets spotlighting different stages in Faramir and Eowyn's love life. Some eroticism and explicit sex.

First Place, 2006 MEFA Awards, Genres: Romance: Incomplete

The author thanks Branwyn, best Beta in the Reunited Kingdom, for editorial assistance.
Chapters:6 Words:3473 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
Sundry Drabbles General Rated:All Serial
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
A miscellany of wizards and horses, eagles and Elves, compiled of all drabbles that don't fit anywhere else. NEW: "Love Story," Bilbo critiques a theater piece; "Bears with Honey," marriage the Beorning style
Chapters:8 Words:1043 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
Trials and Tribulation General Rated:All
Someone has decided that "Mer" Frodo needs a hug to feel better, and Frodo finds himself sponsoring an unusual family in the East Farthing.
Chapters:3 Words:11537 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
Offerings General Rated:All
Multi-generational meditations on fathers and sons in the House of the Stewards on Rath Dinen, told in two parts, one very short story. Finalist, 2005 Mithril Awards. Honorable Mention, 2005 MEFA Awards
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Updated:June 18, 2018
The Odd Couple General Rated:Adult
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
Drabbles about Legolas and Gimli. Some are not for the kids. Warning: slash. NEW: "Secrets" (chapter six): For the Anti-Valentine's Day challenge: Elf and Dwarf in the closet.
Chapters:7 Words:838 Reviews:5  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
Annúminas Romance Rated:Adult
This is an AU, written to answer a personal challenge from Altariel, back in 2002. A sequel to "Seal On My Heart".
This story is finished.
Chapters:8 Words:19463 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
Unanticipated Accord General Rated:Adult
Warning: Slash.

Ever wonder about all those long, cold lonely nights spent in the woods?
Chapters:1 Words:102 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
Embroidery General Rated:All
Celebrían and Galadriel spend an afternoon teaching Arwen how to embroider and even more about life.
Chapters:1 Words:603 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
Hobbits and Husbands General Rated:All
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
Aragorn meets with Halbarad to discuss Ranger matters before leaving on the hunt for Gollum. Part of my Aragorn "short pieces" series.
Chapters:1 Words:1031 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
Horse & Rider General Rated:All
An elf and his horse. What a speedy combination!
Chapters:1 Words:203 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
Gentlemen's Night Out General Rated:Adult
Written for entry in the HASA "Laws and Customs Among the Eldar" challenge. The "Adult" rating is extremely conservative in this case. A discussion of sexual mores with non-graphic references to past het and slash sexual experiences, and prostitution.
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Updated:June 18, 2018
Pipeweed General Rated:All
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
At the Prancing Pony, Gandalf has a question for Aragorn. Part of my Aragorn "short pieces" series.
Chapters:1 Words:517 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
To Watch Them Dance General Rated:All
young!Boromir is out on a midnight escapade, and takes little!Faramir with him. But this is one escapade that their parents will easily forgive them for.
Chapters:1 Words:923 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
Blackbow Action Rated:Teens
How Hethlin of Anorien became a Ranger of Ithilien.

MEFAs, 2004:
1st place, Races: Men: Incomplete

MEFAs, 2010:
2nd place, Adventure: General

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Updated:June 18, 2018
White Tree Lore Non Fiction Rated:All
A summary of known information on the various White Trees.
Chapters:1 Words:547 Reviews:3  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
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