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The Use of Memory
 [1] Reviewer:Gwidhiel Date:April 7, 2011 2:27 AM
It's pieces like this that have drawn me to Tolkien fan fiction -- thoughtful explorations of the things that Tolkien himself only glossed over, but which logically must have been influential in the course of events that he did focus on in more detail.

Celebrķan's abduction, torture, rescue, and passage into the West were obviously a huge blow not only to her, but to her family and loved ones. My own take on immortality and the Elven condition is probably not as awe-struck and admiring as Tolkien intended, and I remain unconvinced that retiring to Valinor is a wonderful fate. But obviously it was the norm for the High Elves and their descendants, so Arwen's choice must have truly been very difficult for her -- and here you've shown that, even if she was reconciled to mortality, her choice brought other griefs. I've appreciated the glimpses that Isabeau has given us of how Elrohir might have been affected by the separation from his mother. The mere thought of losing my mother without being able to say goodbye properly brings tears to my eyes. And it brings Arwen, who so often seems cloaked in aloof unknowability, into better focus. That she could share her grief with Faramir seems right -- their losses have similar strains of helplessness in the face of their mothers' separate hurts and incurable despairs.

Lovely, thanks!

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 [2] Reviewer:Larner Date:April 7, 2011 8:27 AM
A bittersweet ceremony this has proved, as one reaches for new life and happiness while the other begins to realize the bliss she knows is fleeting.

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 [3] Reviewer:Linda Hoyland Date:April 8, 2011 3:30 AM
I just loved this bitter sweet story,so apt for Arwen and Faramir.

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 [4] Reviewer:Isabeau Date:June 26, 2011 1:13 PM
The connection between Faramir and Arwen as regards them both being essentially abandoned by their mothers had never occurred to me, but you make good use of it here. In my mind's eye, Faramir and Arwen get along from the very beginning, he having an introspective nature she probably finds quite soothing and perhaps even Elvish. I suspect this is one of many mutually comforting exchanges over the years.

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