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Spirits of the House
 [1] Reviewer:Raksha The Demon Date:November 16, 2004 2:05 PM
What? No one's reviewed this story over here?

It's just about the best AU Tolkien fanfic I've ever seen. A real gem!

The sheer audacity of doing Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL with Gondor's most famous dysfunctional family is laudable. But you do it so well! Denethor is a bitter yet poignant Scrooge. Thankfully, I don't see Tiny Tim among the characters...Faramir's sad holiday with the Rangers is well-done; he still makes the best of it as usual.

And what a great ending!

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 [2] Reviewer:Denise Date:February 28, 2006 6:53 AM
I have read this story several times now and only grow more impressed with it, so I really should leave a review already. It is definitely one of the best AU's I have ever read, but it's also one of the best fanfic stories I know, period. I cannot say often enough how wonderful I think your writing is – clear, concise, excellently paced, great attention to pertinent and interlacing details. Alawa may have had the unique idea, but you brought it to life beautifully.

OK, enough general gushing... There’s many things large and small that I like about it, but a few are:

The stiff formality between Denethor and Faramir in the first stave, and the contrast of how Faramir's Dol Amroth relatives must have welcomed him.

Wise Adrahil’s acknowledgement of death: “And indeed it is the Gift of Men!” Contrasted with Denethor’s thought in his meeting with Finduilas, that indeed it is the Curse of Men.

Boromir’s conversation with Pippin – his description of his family, and Pippin’s “Maybe I’ll meet your brother one day.”

Faramir’s whole interaction with Mablung and Damrod in Ithilien, and his remarkable lack of bitterness at the end. (A favorite pair of lines: "Confidence of youth," Mablung said. "Don't begrudge him either," Faramir replied.)

The visions that Finduilas’ ghost showed Denethor - probably exactly what Sauron tried to limit Denethor to seeing - but with glimmers of hope also.

That Faramir has Finduilas’ smile!

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 [3] Reviewer:phyloxena Date:October 17, 2006 4:17 AM
I don't pretend I recognized Dickensian line here, but LOTR part was lovely. Wish it could be that way!

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