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Light from the West
Rating:Teens Genre:General
Chapters: 79 Word Count: 239257
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A companion-piece to "Bear Me Away!" and "Anemone". In "Bear Me Away!", Frodo speaks of writing letters to Sam and reading them to him by the light of his star-glass. Here are excerpts from those letters.

[PF] 01:Yachting
[PF] 02:Outrage
[PF] 03:Picking Faults
[PF] 04:Admiration
[PF] 05:Questions
[PF] 06:Missing
[PF] 07:Ridiculous
[PF] 08:Heights
[PF] 09:Intimations of Immortality
[PF] 10: Beacon
[PF] 11:Complaints
[PF] 12:A Remembrance
[PF] 13:Bilbo's Delight
[PF] 14: Parts of Speech
[PF] 15: Peacemaker
[PF] 16:The Dream-fish
[PF] 17: Dangerous Ground
[PF] 18:Of Blood-stains and Fickle Hearts
[PF] 19:Disclosures
[PF] 20:Joy and Delight
[PF] 21:Secondhand Smoke
[PF] 22: Glass Butterfly
[PF] 23: Beyond the Towers
[PF] 24: Drama
[PF] 25:Fallen
[PF] 26:Marble Halls
[PF] 27:Awakened
[PF] 28:Weddings
[PF] 29:Bonny Hill
[PF] 30: Making Beds
[PF] 31: Waiting for the Morning
[PF] 32:Elegies
[PF] 33:At Long Last
[PF] 34: Trolls and Rainbows
[PF] 35:Ninniach
[PF] 36:Unsettled
[PF] 37:Curtain Call
[PF] 38:Adjectives
[PF] 39:Darkness
[PF] 40:The Meaning of the Dance
[PF] 41:Purity
[PF] 42:Dream-spinner
[PF] 43:Raven
[PF] 44:The Best Gifts
[PF] 45:Female Troubles
[PF] 46:Guilin's Scars
[PF] 47: Fashion Victims
[PF] 48:An Enchanted Circle
[PF] 49:Waxing Poetical
[PF] 50:Hathol
[PF] 51: Dubious Characters
[PF] 52:Bittersweet
[PF] 53: Horn of Plenty
[PF] 54:New Things
[PF] 55:Female Troubles
[PF] 56:Fine Art
[PF] 57:Lovers' Day
[PF] 58:"Because of You"
[PF] 59:Sacrifice
[PF] 60:Unlocked
[PF] 61:Inventions
[PF] 62:By Land and Sea
[PF] 63:Puss
[PF] 64:Temperament
[PF] 65:Swans & Sleeves
[PF] 66:Ada Towerstar
[PF] 67:Mischief
[PF] 68:The Spectre
[PF] 69:Corruption
[PF] 70:Miss Amaryllis
[PF] 71: Water Music
[PF] 72:Anticipation
[PF] 73:Stars
[PF] 74:Waves
[PF] 75:Certain Matters
[PF] 76:Greenjade
[PF] 77:The Shadow
[PF] 78:In the Air
[PF] 79:Index of Original Characters
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