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Imhiriel's Drabbles
Rating:Teens Genre:Drabble
Chapters: 64 Word Count: 7172
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Just as the title says, this is the place for my drabbles. Most were inspired by the HASA birthday-drabble prompts.
Set in various times, featuring various characters.

NEW: Home Is Behind

[PF] 01:Entwining Fates
[PF] 02:A Thief in the Night
[PF] 03:Leave-taking
[PF] 04:Midsummer Fair
[PF] 05:Grace
[PF] 06:A Hallowed Place of Both Peoples
[PF] 07:Mastering Men
[PF] 08:Rauros, golden Rauros-falls
[PF] 09:Other Tasks
[PF] 10:Hidden on the Mountain
[PF] 11:Don’t Be Deceived
[PF] 12:A Long-expected Reunion
[PF] 13:Taking Roots
[PF] 14:On the Fair Hill
[PF] 15:But the Scent Still Lingers
[PF] 16:At the Bridge of Mitheithel
[PF] 17:Justice
[PF] 18:The Parting Gift
[PF] 19:The Lady's Gift
[PF] 20:The Errand-Rider
[PF] 21:Saying Farewell
[PF] 22:Bliss and Beauty
[PF] 23:And Thought How Blessed He Was
[PF] 24:A Queen Among Farmers' Wives
[PF] 25:A Meeting in the Tower Hills
[PF] 26:Weary Beyond Joy Or Sorrow?
[PF] 27:Sharing Good News
[PF] 28:Moved to Pity
[PF] 29:Fit for a King
[PF] 30:Friend of Birds
[PF] 31:Coda
[PF] 32:Tying Notes
[PF] 33:Cold be Hand and Heart and Bone
[PF] 34:Pirates Ye Be Warned
[PF] 35:Battle upon the Quays
[PF] 36:Calm after the Storm
[PF] 37:Transformation
[PF] 38:A Cold Farewell
[PF] 39:Mournful Fords
[PF] 40:Last Homely House
[PF] 41:The Third Eagle
[PF] 42:To Establish Ties
[PF] 43:Swan Song
[PF] 44:The Dryad
[PF] 45:Forsaken
[PF] 46:There shall be Mirth at our Meeting
[PF] 47:Bibliophile
[PF] 48:Legolas shall be for the Elves
[PF] 49:Return of the King
[PF] 50:Flame of Life
[PF] 51:Desire Granted
[PF] 52:A Race, To Be Like Me
[PF] 53:An Evening at Penshurst
[PF] 54:A quiet Moment between Friends
[PF] 55:O Kheled-zāram fair and wonderful!
[PF] 56:Deliverance
[PF] 57:Ties of Love
[PF] 58:Least Expected
[PF] 59:From the Grey Twilight
[PF] 60:Where the Heart is
[PF] 61:Sun-star
[PF] 62:Autumn Leaves
[PF] 63:Poetry of the Sea
[PF] 64:Home Is Behind

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