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The Tenant from Staddle
Rating:Teens Genre:General
Chapters: 36 Word Count: 254429
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When Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee were ennobled on the Field of Cormallen, Gondor and Arnor granted them lands held in the King's name for their maintenance in keeping with the customs of the lands. And now a farmer formerly from Staddle learns he must have permission from the Lord Iorhael in order to remain where he has begun excavating a new smial and setting up a farm for himself and his family.
Third Age
Dúnedain Rangers, Frodo Baggins, Hobbits, Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck, Original Female Character - OFC, Original Male Character - OMC, Peregrin 'Pippin' Took I, Rose Cotton, Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee
[PF] 01:Land Claimed
[PF] 02:A Drive into the Shire
[PF] 03:The Deputy Mayor
[PF] 04:Paths Crossed
[PF] 05:Finding Lord Iorhael
[PF] 06:The Bracegirdle Lawyer
[PF] 07:Small Revelations
[PF] 08:Legal Considerations
[PF] 09:Words of Warning
[PF] 10:Lawyer of the Realm
[PF] 11:Quarters in Bree
[PF] 12:Correspondence with Lords and Lawyers
[PF] 13:A Trip to Bree
[PF] 14:In Bree
[PF] 15:A Formal Dinner
[PF] 16:Shadowing Rangers
[PF] 17:Learning More
[PF] 18:Progress Reports
[PF] 19:Appreciating Honors
[PF] 20:Boundaries
[PF] 21:Sackins and Sackvilles, Baggers and Bagginses
[PF] 22:On Translations, Ruffians, and Leases
[PF] 23:Final Intelligence
[PF] 24:Hero or Coward?
[PF] 25:Correcting Misunderstandings
[PF] 26:A Conspiracy of One
[PF] 27:Contract Signed
[PF] 28:Judgments Made
[PF] 29:Interlude
[PF] 30:Time of Discovery
[PF] 31:A Decidedly Mannish Hobbit Hole
[PF] 32:A Bad Cold
[PF] 33:Resentment Stoked
[PF] 34:The Ringbearer's Wedding Gift
[PF] 35:Moving Toward a Wedding
[PF] 36:A Wedding Made
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