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In order to post stories on this site, you must be a member of the Yahoo Henneth Annûn discussion group and agree to abide by our rules and regulations, current and future and the rulings of the administrators who operate this site. If you are not a member of Henneth Annûn and would like to join, here are the instructions.

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Application Instructions:

Your Name is optional:However, it makes it easier for us to identify you if you are known to us already. If you do not ever give it out, no problem. If everyone already knows it, please include it as it makes our lives easier.

All these fields are required to process your application:

I am an adult: You must certify that you are an adult according to the laws where you live, or you will not be allowed to post stories with a rating greater than PG13.

Account Name: This is the name you will use to login. It is different from your own name and pen name, which you will be able to enter and change yourself. You will not be able to change this name later, so choose wisely.

Your E-mail:This is the address where we will send your password and use to contact you if there is ever a problem with your account. If it is not valid, you will not recieve your password. We will not give it out to anyone.

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Henneth Annûn E-mail:This is the e-mail you use at Henneth Annûn. We need it to verify that you are a member before we send you your password.

After you apply, an administrator must process your application, so it may take as long as 24 hours before you recieve your password.

When you submit your application to be an author at this site, you are giving us permission to publish the stories you submit on our web site. If you change your mind later, please notify us, and we will remove your stories as quickly as possible.

Because we have been getting a lot of spam, we now have a security number which you have to enter in order to join. This is to make it difficult for robots to apply. We are sorry if this offends some robots, but author priveleges are restricted to Maiar, Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and Hobbits. We will consider applications from well behaved Orcs and Dragons upon seeing a sample of your fiction.

In the field marked validation number, enter zero five two one as a four place number.

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