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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you require that people join the Henneth Annûn Yahoo discussion group before they can join Tolkien Fan Fiction as an author?

A: Tolkien Fan Fiction exists to publish the stories, articles, and poetry written by the members of Henneth Annûn.

Instructions on how to join Henneth Annûn are available here.

Q: I registered as an author, but my user ID & password do not work on the forums.
     I registered for the forum, but my user ID and password do not work on the author login.

A: The story archive and forums are separate pieces of software. They have separate user lists. You have to join each separately. You can make it easier to remember if you use the same user ID and password for both.

Q: My favorite character is not on the drop list of characters in the library. Does that mean you are not going to have stories about that character? If so, why?

A: The drop list in the library shows only those characters whom authors have selected as being major players in their stories. The list our authors have to choose from contains over 700 characters, which is every one we could find. If any are missing, we will be glad to add them. When a story is published with that character in its list, that character will appear in the drop list.

Q: I am having a problem using some feature of this site. Where do I go for help?

A: The first place to check is the help page for that section of the site. If that does not answer you question, go to the User Support forum. There, first check to see if there is a string that addresses your problem. Many times the question has been asked and answered before. If you make a new post, please place a reference to the problem in the title, so others will be easily able to find it when searching for help. For example, "How do I contact the author of a story" is preferred to "HELP!!!".

Q: I have an idea for a new feature I think would improve this site. Where do I send it?

A: Make a post in the Wish List Forum. Please start a new topic for each wish with the desired feature in the title. Since it is a wish list, there is no need to include, "I wish we had", in the topic. A simple description will do. Example: "Link Library"

Please check to see if your wish is already listed as a topic. If it is, feel free to add your support, or suggestions. If not, start a new topic

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