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Site Rules and Policies

Tolkien Fan Fiction Site Purpose:

This site exists to publish the collected works of those authors who are members of the Henneth Annûn Yahoo discussion group, and to thereby further the enjoyment of the works and worlds of J. R. R. Tolkien, through discussion, debate, reading, and the writing of related works.

No profit is sought or being made off this site, and all its members and administrators offer their work without compensation, exclusively for enjoyment the general public.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The characters, places, and things, and their names and descriptions contained in the collected works of J. R. R. Tolkien are the property of the Tolkien estate and its designated agents.

The works of Tolkien Fan Fiction members published here are their own property, and may not be reproduced or republished in any manner without the prior written consent of the author.

The software and related designs used on this site are the property of Michael G Kellner, and may not be sold, distributed, reproduced, or reverse engineered in any manner without the prior written consent of the author.

The artwork and related designs used on this site are the property of Hope Hoover, and may not be sold, distributed, or reproduced in any manner without the prior written consent of the artist.

Membership in the Henneth Annûn Yahoo discussion group:

We require membership in the Henneth Annûn Yahoo discussion group before you can become a member here and post stories.

On the apply for membership page, there is a link to a page with instructions on how to join.

Abbreviations and Terminology:
  • TFF: The Tolkien Fan Fiction web site

  • HA: The Henneth Annûn Yahoo discussion group

  • Forums: Any or all of the forums, discussion groups, or bulletin boards hosted by TFF.

  • Archive: The TFF story archive, and the author section that supports it.

  • Members: Those people registered as authors or forum posters at TFF.

  • Admins: TFF Site administrators and other officials.


The purpose of TFF is to discuss and publish fiction, poetry, essays, and studies related to Tolkien's literature and world. Other genres and topics are not appropriate for this site.


Works posted on the site must be properly capitalized, spell checked, and offer reasonable adherence to the concept of dividing prose into phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and chapters. They also must be coherent, and in a finished state. Rough drafts, and unfinished stories should not be set to display publicly. The sole exception is serials, which are defined as episodic stories, and must be published in finished chapters or episodes. Serials should have the serial switch set so they can be properly marked.


The descriptions should accurately describe the work, and warn of sexual, violent, or other content that some may find objectionable.


Authors should try to accurately rate their works. TFF administrators reserve the right to change the rating on any item posted to the site.

If you are unsure how to rate your story, please consult the Ratings Guide.

Unacceptable styles:
  • MSTs: Named after Mystery Science Theater 3000. An MST is where you take someone else's work and insert comments, usually disparaging and hurtful.

  • Lists: Top 10, to do, and other types of lists made by Tolkien's characters.

  • RPFs: Real Person Fiction; stories about the actors in the Lord of The Rings movies, as opposed to the Tolkien characters they play.


Stories that are found to have been plagiarized will be removed, and the posting author may face the removal of the rest of their work and expulsion from the group, at the discretion of the site administrators.

Removing & Suspending Stories & Authors:

Authors and stories that do not comply with site rules and policies may be suspended until they are in compliance, and removed if reasonable attempts to gain compliance are not successful.

E-mail Address Harvesting:

Anyone found to be collecting e-mail addresses on the site for any purpose other than contact related to site activities will be expelled, and their stories will be removed from the archive.

Civility and Respect:

Members will endeavor to speak to each other in a civil and polite fashion. Disagreement is what makes discussion interesting, but please do so in an agreeable manner.


Harassment, verbal assaults, name-calling, and other rude behavior will not be tolerated

Appropriate Topics:

When posting to TFF forums, members are instructed to keep their topics apropos to the forum they are posting them to.

Private groups:

We are going to allow private sub-forums, primarily for writers groups, but other types may be created if it is an activity TFF administration decides to support. There is no right to have a private sub-forum, and the right to decide which ones will be created or deleted will reside with TFF site administrators.

These groups must:
  • Must retain their original purpose, which will be posted in a sticky post at the top of the forum.

  • Must have some minimal level of activity. Dead forums will be closed.

  • Must respect TFF administrator's authority over group, and right to participate in that group at their discretion.

  • Must conform to the same standards of behavior within the group that are required on the rest of TFF.

Administrators have the right and duty:
  • To run TFF

  • To raise money to cover the expenses of hosting and other costs of keeping the site on line

  • To control the look, format, and features of TFF

  • To set site rules and policies

  • To control unacceptable behavior

  • To maintain order

  • To keep the site on topic

  • To decide whom may post what items to the site

  • To rule on the acceptability of items posted to the site

  • To remove materials they deem inappropriate

  • To remove members who cannot abide by the rules and policies of TFF

  • To change the rating or descriptions of items posted if they are misleading

  • To participate in any discussion or group

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