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Rating Guide

Please rate your stories according to these guidelines. If Tolkien Fan Fiction management feels your story in incorrectly rated, we reserve the right to change that rating.

All: Suitable for all readers. Contains nothing that parents will find offensive, even for the youngest readers.
  • No foul language

  • No violence.

  • No sex

  • No rape or torture

Teens: Material may not be suitable for young children. Teens signifies that this story contains material which parents may not wish to expose their young children to. This work should be examined by parents before young children are allowed to read it.

In general, Teens stories should limit themes and descriptions of sex and violence to to what was common in classic novels of the past, such as Gone With The Wind, or Dickens.
  • Moderate, tasteful descriptions of violence, if essential to the story.

  • No explicit sexual activities

  • No rape or torture

  • Language suitable for 13 to 18 year old readers

Adult: Adult Material. This work is totally inappropriate for children under 13. Parents should not let their younger children read this. This work should be examined carefully by parents before teens are allowed to read it.
  • Can contain sex, violence, foul language, and intense situations

Adults Graphic: Adults only. Adults may find this material disturbing.

If your story contains the following, you should rate it Adults Graphic.
  • Graphic depictions of violence

  • Graphic depictions of sex

  • Rape, torture, mutilation, or extreme foul language

  • Anything else that is not suitable for children, including teens

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