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New and Updated Stories
Stirring Rings General Rated:All
Five were sent to teach and cajole, but one thought to rule, causing contention amongst the Istari. The making (and breaking) of Wizards.

Beta by Fiondil.
Chapters:39 Words:205931 Reviews:4  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 12, 2014
Enter the Ranger Drama Rated:Teens
How might Aragorn have returned to his parents' people once he learned his true name, lineage, and possible destiny? Perhaps like this ....
Chapters:2 Words:1970 Reviews:0
Updated:July 1, 2014
Beneath Strange Stars General Rated:Teens
A selection of tales that take place in times and with others than those known to the Fellowship.
Chapters:10 Words:19665 Reviews:0
Updated:April 14, 2014
Through the Eyes of Maia and Wizard General Rated:All
Gandalf-centric stories, begun to hold those tales generated by the prompts for the 2012 Back to Middle Earth Month Challenges.
Chapters:20 Words:26887 Reviews:0
Updated:March 29, 2014
Star of Hope Romance Rated:Teens
Author:Linda Hoyland
Gilraen recalls a special night when she wished upon a star. Written
in honour of Aragorn's birthday.
Chapters:2 Words:2498 Reviews:0
Updated:February 16, 2014
A Blue Wizard's Tale General Rated:All
There are secrets even in the councils of the Valar.
Chapters:1 Words:961 Reviews:0
Updated:February 5, 2014
A Fright on Mettarė General Rated:All
Strider soothes Pippin's fright by telling about his first Mettarė with the Rangers' families.
Chapters:1 Words:3127 Reviews:0
Updated:December 7, 2013
Two Dreams & a Wizard General Rated:All
For The Hobbit Challenge on Henneth Annūn last year. Thanks to Anglachel for reminding me about Uncle Gar, and to RiverOtter for the beta! Not quite sure why I didn't put it up then, when I did on Henneth Annun, but here it is now....
Chapters:1 Words:1954 Reviews:0
Updated:October 25, 2013
Old Accounts Coming Due General Rated:All
If you have the Foresight to know that your family will die out and then be reborn in the next few hundred years, how do you ensure that your assets will be intact for the new heir? A Marpol the Builder-related story.

Thanks to RiverOtter for asking questions and the beta!
Chapters:1 Words:6100 Reviews:0
Updated:October 11, 2013
Sneaking! General Rated:All
Legolas + Gimli + Talking Stones + Missing Bow = Chaos (warning - Dialogue, not to be taken seriously!)

OOC hilarity!! (I hope...) (That it's hilarious I mean, not that it's OOC, I didn't really mean for it to be, it just was...) Semi-movie-verse. Yes, the title is stolen from Gollum...
Chapters:1 Words:428 Reviews:0
Updated:September 16, 2013
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New and Updated Serials
Tales of Telcontar General Rated:All Serial
Author:Linda Hoyland
A collection of ficlets mostly written for the AA list weekly challenges, now extended and polished.

A mixture of angst,fluff,humour and drama.

Further characters will be added together with the stories

With thanks to Raksha for her editorial work, Deandra for suggesting the title and Michelle for the prompts that inspired these stories.

New - Sailing Stormy Waters
Chapters:118 Words:183189 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:September 20, 2014
Another Moment of Your Time General Rated:Teens Serial
A second collection for my Frodo-centric stories.
Chapters:72 Words:143064 Reviews:0
Updated:September 18, 2014
Tree and Stone General Rated:Teens Serial
Middle-Earth belongs to JRR Tolkien; he just didn't write enough about it!

There was another Dwarf in Gondor during the waning days of the Ring War, and he was the only one of his Kindred in the White City during the siege, where he met a woman whose roots were in Ithilien.
Chapters:30 Words:144987 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:September 18, 2014
Stories of Strider General Rated:All Serial
Author:Linda Hoyland
A collection of ficlets originally posted on the AA list now extended and polished.

A companion series to Tales of Telcontar focussing on Aragorn's adventures before he became king.

Two of these ficlets are co-authored with Raksha the Demon

A mixture of angst,fluff,humour and drama.

Further characters and catagories will be added together with the stories
Chapters:46 Words:74163 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:August 17, 2014
From Wilderness to Cities White General Rated:Teens Serial
A new collection of stories involving the Fellowship and the world they knew.
Chapters:47 Words:70584 Reviews:9  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 19, 2014
Between Green Door and Gold Ring General Rated:Teens Serial
To be a repository of Bilbo-centered stories set in the years before Frodo came to Hobbiton to become the heir to the Master of Bag End.
Chapters:22 Words:26168 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:July 1, 2014
In Empty Lands Action Rated:Teens Serial
To reflect the experiences of the Fellowship, mostly as seen through the eyes of Boromir, son of Denethor. Title taken from the lament sung by Aragorn and Legolas as Boromir's funeral boat is committed to Rauros Falls and the river.
Chapters:29 Words:86976 Reviews:7  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 11, 2014
The Sword in the Tree Drama Rated:Teens Serial
Author:Linda Hoyland
Aragorn receives an invitation to visit Rohan which leads to a new
adventure for the King and his Steward. Events in this story take place
soon after "A Time to Reap."
Chapters:8 Words:19041 Reviews:0
Updated:March 7, 2014
Might Have Beens Drama Rated:Teens Serial
Finally, the collection of stories that might have been, had only one or two elements been changed.
Chapters:11 Words:22954 Reviews:0
Updated:February 18, 2014
Glimpses of Middle-earth General Rated:All Serial
Author:Linda Hoyland
A selection of very diverse drabbles and short pieces written for the
2012 BTME challenge.
Chapters:4 Words:5808 Reviews:0
Updated:October 20, 2013
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