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From Wilderness to Cities White
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All He'd Wanted

For all--my birthday mathom to all of you! (Admittedly a bit late!) Written for the LOTR Community Poetry Challenge.


All Hed Wanted

He'd always wished an oliphaunt,
An oliphaunt, an oliphaunt,
He'd always wished an oliphaunt,
An oliphaunt to see.

At last he saw an oliphaunt,
Great oliphaunt, grey oliphaunt,
In Ithilien an oliphaunt
To the forest running free.

He'd wished to take his Rosie-lass,
His Rosie-lass, sweet Rosie-lass,
He'd wished to wed his Rosie-lass
And have her for his wife.

And so he wed his Rosie lass,
Sweet Rosie-lass, dear Rosie-lass,
And was kissed so by his Rosie- lass
She bound him to this life.

He'd wished to serve his Master dear,
Kind Master dear, wise Master dear,
He'd wished to ward his Master dear
To keep all cares at bay.

And so he'd followed his Master dear
Through empty lands both wild and drear;
And saved him from the heart of Fear
And brought him yet living away.

He'd ever feared the waters deep
With depths of cold where dead might sleep.
So he skirted e'er the waters deep,
Avoiding them when he could.

But his Master crossed the waters deep
In search of Peace, his soul to keep.
Yes, his Master crossed the waters deep,
And even grief could be good.

He'd never thought to be the Mayor
Or in Shire's power to be a player,
In governance to have a say, for
That was for those above.

But his Master'd had a plan for
Sam to be lord of the manor.
Sam as Mayor does what he can for
The land they both so love.

And when Rosie's gone her way
He, too, shall ride toward the West one day,
And from Mithlond's stony quay
Shall seek that distant shore.

On his own grey ship to ride
Across the shining, shifting tide
He will come at last to Frodo's side
And see his friend once more.

And with all tears at long last dried
They'll think to rest now side by side,
Off'ring up their lives with pride
Beneath the light of stars.

Into greater Light they'll soar
And all they've loved will be restored.
Ne'er again to want for more.
Nothing their bliss to mar!


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