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Another Moment of Your Time
Rating:Teens Genre:General
Chapters: 83 Word Count: 170627
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A second collection for my Frodo-centric stories.
Third Age, Fourth Age
Aragorn II 'Strider' Elessar, Arwen Evenstar, Boromir son of Denethor II, Elanor Gardner, Elves, Faramir son of Denethor II, Frodo Baggins, Gandalf, Gimli Elf-friend, Gondorians, Hobbits, Legolas Greenleaf, Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck, Pearl Took, Peregrin 'Pippin' Took I, Rose Cotton, Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee, Ted Sandyman
[PF] 01:A Time for Truth
[PF] 02:Grief Comforted
[PF] 03:Realization
[PF] 04:Regrets Thought at the Party
[PF] 05:No Help for It
[PF] 06:A Hymn of Delight
[PF] 07:Mutters in the Camp
[PF] 08:Explaining
[PF] 09:The One Left Out of the Conspiracy
[PF] 10:The Tell-Tale
[PF] 11:A Light Luncheon
[PF] 12:In the Light of Familiar Stars
[PF] 13:A State of Dress for a Meeting of State
[PF] 14:Brothers Born and Chosen
[PF] 15:Proper Propriety
[PF] 16:Shared Parenthood
[PF] 17:Finding Freedom
[PF] 18:To Be Fruitful and Multiply
[PF] 19:The Witch-king's Battle of the Ford
[PF] 20:November 3, 1425 S.R.
[PF] 21:Thoughts of Thanksgiving
[PF] 22:Spirits Lifted
[PF] 23:Griefs Faced and Hearts Lightened
[PF] 24:New Moves
[PF] 25:Concerns
[PF] 26:Letting Go of Love
[PF] 27:Waking Thoughts
[PF] 28:Ode to a Hopeless Love
[PF] 29:Chance Encounter
[PF] 30:Leave-taking
[PF] 31:Spite Scorned
[PF] 32:A Secret Shared
[PF] 33:The Lover's Kiss
[PF] 34:On Proper Address
[PF] 35:Most Unsatisfactory
[PF] 36:The Sacrifice Accepted
[PF] 37:Echoes of Distant Waves
[PF] 38:Properly Managed
[PF] 39:Orders to Enjoy Himself
[PF] 40:Orders to Enjoy Himself
[PF] 41:The Empty Shell
[PF] 42:A Quiet Talk
[PF] 43:Disappointment
[PF] 44:The Water is Wide
[PF] 45:Confrontation
[PF] 46:New Roads and Secret Gates
[PF] 47:Recovering from a Winter's Dip
[PF] 48:First Fruits
[PF] 49:Snubbed
[PF] 50:Enlightenment
[PF] 51:The Wedding Invitation
[PF] 52:Dark Receding
[PF] 53:A Little Surreptitious Reading
[PF] 54:The Teller of Tales
[PF] 55:Surrounded by Concern
[PF] 56:A Moment of Light
[PF] 57:The Protest Rebuffed
[PF] 58:A Matter of Tigles
[PF] 59:In the Inn
[PF] 60:High on the Hill
[PF] 61:Rededication
[PF] 62:It Was a Dark and Stormy Night ...
[PF] 63:The Ringbearer and the Door Warden
[PF] 64:In Search of Peace
[PF] 65:Seeking Advantage
[PF] 66:In Readiness for Departure
[PF] 67:Dealing with Dirna
[PF] 68:Last Conversation
[PF] 69:Crdans Gift
[PF] 70:The Perils of Knowing One's Dinner
[PF] 71:Aftermath of the Spider's Bite
[PF] 72:Seeing Past the Rascal
[PF] 73:Rejoice and Be Glad
[PF] 74:Uncertainty Regarding Lordliness
[PF] 75:The Call Heard
[PF] 76:Fish to Fry
[PF] 77:A Place to Work and Work to Do
[PF] 78:One Last Boat Ride upon the Brandywine
[PF] 79:The Curse Lifted
[PF] 80:Dealing with Bullies
[PF] 81:An Old Love Revisited
[PF] 82:When Won with Pain
[PF] 83:Momentary Rest with Thoughts of Tomatoes
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