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Lessons for a Young Hobbit
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Chapters: 22 Word Count: 2515
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Frodo Baggins, newly returned to Hobbiton as Bilbo's ward, begins a new set of lessons designed to prepare him for life as Bilbo's intended heir and successor.<br><br>An Advent Calendar series for 2011.
Third Age
Bilbo Baggins, Dora Baggins, Eglantine Banks, Frodo Baggins, Hamfast Gaffer Gamgee, Hobbits, Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck, Paladin Took II, Pearl Took, Pervinca Took, Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee, Saradoc Brandybuck
[PF] 01:A is for Arnor
[PF] 02:B is for Books
[PF] 03:C is for Camping
[PF] 04:D is for Drawing
[PF] 05:E is for Etiquette
[PF] 06:F is for Farming
[PF] 07:G is for Grammar--and Gardeners
[PF] 08:H is for History
[PF] 09:I is for Illustration and Illumination
[PF] 10:J is for Judgment
[PF] 11:K is for the King
[PF] 12:L is for Languages
[PF] 13:M is for Mathematics
[PF] 14:N is for Natural History
[PF] 15:O is for Optical Illusions
[PF] 16:P is for Poetry
[PF] 17:Q is for Quenya
[PF] 18:R is for Research
[PF] 19:S is for Singing
[PF] 20:T is for Tickling Fish
[PF] 21:U is for Ungoliant
[PF] 22:V is for the Valar
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