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A SONG ON THE AIR Tragedy Rated:Adults Graphic Serial
This is a prequel to The Lord of the Jewels. What would happen if Melian the Maia gave birth to another daughter but the father was not Elu Thingol? What would happen if this child was rejected and remained hidden away for thousands of years? This is the history of such a child, spanning the time between the end of the First Age to the beginning of the Fourth.
Chapters:6 Words:23305 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
MAEDHROS: SO FAR AWAY Tragedy Rated:Adults Graphic
Maedhros has another rescuer before Fingon comes, who tries to help him on the precipice of Thangorodrim.
Chapters:1 Words:4122 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
Burden of Guilt Drama Rated:Adult
Author:Linda Hoyland
A violent and tragic misunderstanding with Eomer threatens Aragorn and Faramir's friendship and the Steward's very life.<br><br>Meanwhile Arwen prepares to give birth and Aragorn is faced with the loss of all whom he loves
Chapters:62 Words:113508 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
Inheritances General Rated:Teens
Aragorn was serving in Gondor under Denethor's father Ecthelion when Boromir was born. What would the Heir of Isildur have thought of the child who might grow up to become Steward? (Thanks to Tanaqui, RiverOtter, and Gwynnyd for their beta assistance.)
Chapters:1 Words:1291 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
On the Verge of Darkness Tragedy Rated:Adult Serial
A series of drabbles set a few days before the last battle of the Second Age. Elrond/Gil-galad (slash)
Chapters:1 Words:939 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
Two Pouches Tragedy Rated:Teens
The aftermath of the last battle of the Second Age.
Chapters:1 Words:1135 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
Gandalf's No Good, Rotten, Really Bad Day Humor Rated:All
Author:Gandalfs apprentice
A few things go wrong at the Prancing Pony, and Manwe wants Gandalf to explain just how it all happened.

Chapters:1 Words:738 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
~Brother Mine~ General Rated:Teens
Legolas/Aragorn h/c after Boromir's death.
Chapters:1 Words:1035 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
~Talks Under Starlight~ General Rated:All
FOTR gap-filler: What exactly were Frodo and Sam talking about with the elves when they met on teh road to Buckland?
Chapters:1 Words:1231 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
I'm Reaching Out For Something, Touching Nothing's All I Ever Do Romance Rated:Teens
Author:Feather Silverymoon
This was written for Marigold Gamgee's Challenge #20. My Challenge was "Write a fic where Frodo helps out with the harvest in either Tookland or Buckland, and Sam sees an Elf in the woods".

The title was inspired by 'Ballroom Blitz' by The Sweet. The whole stanza is as follows:

Oooh, I'm reaching out for something,
Touching nothing's all I ever do,
Oooh, I softly call you over
When you appear there's nothing left of you
Chapters:1 Words:3117 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
From Buckland With Love General Rated:Teens
Author:Aranel Took
A side story to The Roots of the Ivy. You need to have read up to Chapter 76 for this to make any sense.
Chapters:1 Words:3059 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
Hearth and Home General Rated:All
Author:Molly Littlefoot
A Hobbit wife uncertainly wonders what the future will bring. Based on both Book and Movie verse. Written for both the Confessions to the Sleepless Night and the All OCs all the Time challenges on HASA and is my first public story in over twenty years. Be gentle or no cake for any of you. This is a companion Piece to Vistula’s The Last Biscuit
Chapters:1 Words:6041 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
Shadow and Thought Drama Rated:Adult
Author:Linda Hoyland
Despite being happily married to Arwen and King of Gondor, Aragorn is lonely and despondent at Faramir's shyness and Eowyn's obvious and perplexing hatred. Determined to get to know them better,he invites them to a remote hunting lodge, oblivious of the dangers awaiting which could cost him his life.

Chapters:21 Words:55459 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
The Days Now Are Short Drama Rated:All
What drove the Grey Company to cross over into Rohan from their familiar lands and obligations? A ficlet from Halbarad's point of view.
Chapters:1 Words:1496 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
Spirit of Fire General Rated:Adult Serial
Creator of Silmarils and Kinslayer, but also Husband and Father. How did this brightest jewel among Elves end up following such a tragic path? The life of Curufinwë Fëanáro through the eyes of his wife.
Chapters:9 Words:26631 Reviews:0
Updated:June 18, 2018
Evil Beauty General Rated:All
Legolas takes time to watch a spider spin its web. A vignette.
Chapters:1 Words:996 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
Moments in Time General Rated:Teens Serial
A place to highlight those short stories that present themselves at my keyboard.
Chapters:101 Words:314391 Reviews:10  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
South Farthing Tales Erotica Rated:Adults Graphic Serial
Author:Feather Silverymoon
Summary: What happened after Bilbo left?
Chapters:9 Words:43706 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
Beware the Sea Drama Rated:Teens
Sea-longing takes many different forms. A series of drabbles featuring an elf from Alqualonde, Maglor, Aldarion, Elrond, Legolas, and Sam.
Chapters:6 Words:615 Reviews:2  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
A Song of Silence Drama Rated:All
A tale of how a woman of the Rohirrim found her own unique voice, and the choice made to help keep it from being lost.
Chapters:2 Words:4115 Reviews:1  Read Latest Review
Updated:June 18, 2018
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