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B2MeM 2012
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Chapters: 33 Word Count: 8602
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Gathering place for my B2MeM stories. I am bad at gathering them all at the end of the month, so getting an early start this year...
[PF] 01:Closure (Elfwine's, Éomer, Lothíriel)
[PF] 02:Babel (Faramir, Denethor)
[PF] 03:"Guerra avisada no mata sold ado," Forwarned is Forearmed (Inzilbêth, Gimilzôr)
[PF] 04:Fraterrnitas (Éomer, Éothain, OC)
[PF] 05:Projections for the Fourth Age (Amrothos)
[PF] 06:Let me not to the marriage of true minds (Celeborn/Galadriel)
[PF] 07:Hunting Season (Lord of the Nazgul, Khamûl)
[PF] 08:Gray Shadows (OCs from Rohan)
[PF] 09:Do not go gentle into that good night (Pharazôn/Míriel)
[PF] 10:A Lesson in History (Faramir/Éowyn)
[PF] 11:Hope of the Dúnedain (Arathorn/Gilraen)
[PF] 12:Another Wild Shieldmaiden
[PF] 13:Strength of Will (Faramir)
[PF] 14:Second-hand Knowledge (Artanis, Andreth)
[PF] 15:A mere two years into the siege (Anárion)
[PF] 16:Intercultural Relations (Éowyn, Faramir, Éomer, Lothíriel
[PF] 17:A Númenórean Death (Amandil, Anárion)
[PF] 18:Scarcity (OCs from Rohan)
[PF] 19:Two Sides of the Same Coin (Éomer, Lothíriel)
[PF] 20:Sword and Bow (Beregond)
[PF] 21:Like Father, Like Daughter (Thingol, Lúthien)
[PF] 22:Time Changes Many Thoughts (Tar-Ancalimë)
[PF] 23:Closer to ending (OC dúnadan of the south)
[PF] 24:Mythology (Eärendil, Elwing, others)
[PF] 25:Aftermath (Denethor, Boromir, Faramir) (PG-13)
[PF] 26:Arrival in Middle-earth (Anárion/his OFC wife)
[PF] 27:Vale of Phantoms (Men of the Éotheod)
[PF] 28:The Hands of a King, (Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir)
[PF] 29:Pedigree (Pelendur)
[PF] 30:Mind melding (The Mouth of Sauron)
[PF] 31:Ship Kings and Ship Princes (Erchirion, Adrahil)
[PF] 32:Removal (Amlaith)
[PF] 33:Gain your bearings (Éowyn)
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